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Our Program

Step 1: Get your no obligation quote by filling out the free quote form, or calling us at 1-800-996-1424 for an immediate consultation. Your negotiator will assess your financial circumstances and determine the best program for your situation.

Step 2: Once approved for our program, your experienced team member will help you collect the information and documentation we will need in order to assist you. Your consultant will help you determine an affordable monthly payment, which, after fees, will be put into your own savings account, to be set aside for debt settlement purposes. You will continue to make these monthly payments until we are able to settle with one of your creditors. After settling with a creditor, you will continue to make monthly payments until your balance with each creditor is satisfied.

Step 3: You will be assigned to a professional and experienced debt negotiator who will assist you in ending creditor harassment and to settle your debts.

Step 4: Once our debt negotiators receive an acceptable, written settlement offer from your creditor, we will then send funds from your savings account to pay off your creditor. You will then receive written confirmation from your creditor, documenting that your debt has been paid as agreed. We will repeat this process until all of your creditors have been paid.

The creditors are under no obligation to accept settlement offers from a debt settlement company.

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