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Who We Are


Boston Settlement Solutions is committed to working directly with creditors to provide relief from the stress and financial headaches that keep most consumers from improving their quality of life. We have established relationships with thousands of creditors nationwide and able able to successful negotiate with these creditors to relieve your financial distress as quickly as possible. By providing a discounted program, we have created a solution that will give consumers relief from financial hardships.

About Boston Settlement Solutions

Here at Boston Settlement Solutions, our professional and experienced team members work to create an environment that promotes communication, expertise, and privacy.

The true measure of our success is demonstrated by our customers' confidence in our ability to exceed their expectations of value, service, and professionalism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with a discounted solution to financial distress, and educate clients in the benefits of properly managing their money. We believe that our program can be the springboard towards financial independence.